Nutrition & Alternative Medicine

Nutrition & Alternative Medicine

Today, alternative medicine is gaining more popularity. What is the reason for this phenomenon? My Canadian Pharmacy will highlight it in this article.

First of all, the methods of alternative medicine do not deny the achievements of classical medicine. On the contrary, alternative medicine widely uses knowledge in the field of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology to substantiate its methods of treatment and to find the most effective ways of healing a person.

The main representatives of the alternative medicine are homeopathy, reflexology and osteopathy. Classical medicine combined them with restorative medicine and neurology.

Although not all surgeons and pharmacists recognize the achievements of their homeopathic colleagues, reflexotherapists and osteopaths, they do not try to understand the mechanisms of alternative methods – this does not diminish the statistical data on the benefits of alternative medicine.

It should be noted that the term “alternative” was introduced into the medical lexicon not so long ago but it is more successful and reflects the essence better than the previously existing terms “unconventional” (as opposed to classical medicine) and “traditional” (implying that many methods leave their roots in ancient knowledge and not considering that classical medicine was born from the works of Hippocrates, that are more than two thousand years old).

Alternative medicine has a complex approach to the body. According to its concepts, a person is not viewed as a set of systems (cardiovascular, nervous, bronchopulmonary, immune, musculoskeletal, genito-urinary, gastrointestinal and others), but as a single structure in which all these systems are inextricably linked and perform a common function of life maintaining. In contrast to the symptomatic approach of the classics, when the treatment eliminates symptoms (fever, vasospasm, increased pressure) without considering the cause, alternative medicine is aimed at solving the root problem. And this is right, because often the symptoms are just defenses of the body, its attempts to compensate for the main defeat. Representatives of alternative medicine will look for ways to activate the internal defenses of the body for an early victory over the pathogen and will seek answers to the questions “why is the immune system weakened, why did the body allow microbes to develop and lead to disease?”

Healthy nutrition as a part of alternative medicine

healthy nutrition

Often, balanced nutrition is associated with diets for weight loss or with those prescribed for gastritis, diabetes, kidney disease. Indeed, successful treatment in many cases is impossible without dietary nutrition. There are even miraculous cases of healing from very serious diseases with the help of healthy nutrition. But dietotherapy is also indicated to healthy people. Scientists have established: a balanced diet is when about 600 substances regularly enter the human body. The lack of any elements leads to quite serious disorders in the body, for example, a lack of calcium causes brittle nails and weakened hair, and potassium deficiency causes irregular heart rhythm. In most cases, the situation can be corrected without any medication – by a balanced diet. In general, the formula of rational nutrition looks like this: vegetables and fruits, fish, lean meat and seafood, whole grains and legumes, vegetable oil, low-fat dairy products and eggs, nuts and seeds. However, in recent years, special emphasis has been placed on products containing antioxidants. These substances neutralize free radicals, which cause many diseases. They are contained in blueberries, tomatoes, red wine, green tea. Biologically active additives (BAA) also refers to diet therapy. The most famous dietary supplements are vitamin-mineral complexes and antioxidants that treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, migraines and Parkinson’s disease. Another group of popular dietary supplements are probiotics, or live microorganisms. They are contained in all natural sour-milk products.