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my canadian pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is a reliable seller of generic drugs for various conditions. The impeccable reputation of this online pharmacy is confirmed by two decades of history. During this time have managed to significantly expand the range of clients and increase the number of partners.

Simple Ordering

Our goal is to create a universal resource for the client. The functional website is adapted to any device: place an order and see interesting positions from a smartphone, tablet, laptop without unnecessary movement and loss in performance. We have implemented a “smart search” on the site – the client finds specific, interesting positions in a couple of clicks without being confused in the range and uninteresting products. Using our website, it’s very easy to order prescription drugs online without doctor: just select the drug and put it in a shopping cart. Then fill out the appropriate fields. It only takes a couple of minutes. We work around the clock for you and we do everything to ensure that you are satisfied!

Our Specialization

Our store sells drugs for various conditions but our main specialization is ED pills online, particularly Generic Viagra (Sildenafil). Sildenafil is the main active ingredient of the well-known original preparation. It is the most common men’s product in the world, which allows you to fight erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient causes an increased blood flow in the genitals, which guarantees a strong and long-lasting erection. Our company cooperates with certified and large manufacturing plants so we can guarantee the high quality of all ED medications. Generic Sildenafil has the same effectiveness, action and safety as the original medication but a lower price. This makes My Canadian Pharmacy the best place to buy Generic Viagra online.

Importance of Generic Drugs

A generic drug is a medical product produced by another company, according to a slightly modified formula. These changes are completely formal and are only needed so that the patent is not violated. The low cost of such a drug is due only to the fact that the organization is already provided with a formula and can make a medicine without inventing anything, without incurring the cost of clinical trials and advertising. Thus, if you need to buy a preparation of the highest quality but at a LOW price, then our unpatented generics are the best option. You can not only save money but also remain calm for your health. We offer many different, high-quality products to ensure that your sex life is always at its best. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – all these effective drugs can be purchased at our online pharmacy. With us, you will make all your sexual dreams and fantasies a reality.

Professional Staff

We employ only qualified staff: pharmacists who are always happy to help, give competent advice and recommendations. Training programs help the company’s staff to constantly improve their skills and professionalism. The company regularly organizes training seminars for employees in order to improve their skills, organizes face-to-face and distance pharma training, conducts on-site training, analyzes the results of the work of employees with the help of advanced personnel monitoring technologies.

Rich Assortment

The assortment of our reliable Rx pharmacy includes more than 1,000 products from various drug categories, including but not limited to pain relief, antibiotics, women’s Health, antidepressants, mental health,
sleep aid, asthma, cholesterol, weight loss, skin care, erectile dysfunction, eye care, antidiabetic, antiviral, cancer, stop smoking, general health. Here you can find the most popular medications, as well as rare drugs that cannot be found in regular city drugstores.


Working in the pharmaceutical market for more than 2 decades, we have created a strong partner network of suppliers, the main share of which is occupied by large national companies. Our pharmacy strives for leadership in the regional pharmaceutical market by ensuring the guarantee of 100% quality of medicines and other goods. We have a quality multistage management system, therefore the risk of purchasing a fake or poor-quality medicinal product is excluded. All our products have international quality certificates and, like the original products, comply with all international quality standards. All our products have passed clinical trials and received thousands of positive reviews worldwide.

Discounts and Bonuses

Our company offers low prices for high-quality drugs. Due to the large volume of orders, we can offer wholesale prices for retail orders. Besides, we try to please our customers with various bonuses and gifts. Enjoy our regular discounts! It’s profitable to be a regular customer. We also offer additional discounts and bonuses on holidays! Our customers can save up to 40% on their prescriptions!

We are Ready to Refund

All our products are subject to strict quality control, they are full analogues of branded products and comply with all standards for the safety of drug production. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the pills purchased from our website, we will replace them or refund your money.

Regular Automatic Refills

You can sign to our personal healthcare management service and we will send you regular notifications about the refills and additional treatment options needed for your condition. It’s very convenient especially if you order a popular product that is sold out too fast because of a high demand. Use our regular automatic refill option and stay calm – you will always have the necessary medications on time. Besides, regular customers will get good discounts.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand that some of our clients would not like to talk about problems in their intimate life. That is why we guarantee complete confidentiality. Our couriers will deliver the package to your house quickly and on time while keeping secret all the information about the buyer. All orders are shipped in anonymous packaging, unmarked. Neither couriers, nor postal workers, nor other persons will know about the contents of the package, whether it’s Generic Viagra or just an asthma medication. Therefore, My Canadian Pharmacy can be called twice reliable!

Top-Quality Customer Care

We respect our customers and follow their interests. Any advice on the use of medicines will be given at a high professional level. Our experts are always ready to advise you on how to use medications, on possible side effects. They will also help you determine the correct dosage, select a cheaper generic, and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist. High erudition, knowledge of practical issues, a good attitude and attention to the buyer – these are the main features of our online pharmacy.

Smart development strategy, innovations in marketing and retail, efficiency, modernity, dynamism and flexibility – these are our tools. Our goal is to be the best online pharmacy. We are reliable partners. People trust us because we say and do only what we believe. We are responsible, honest, understandable and consistent. We help you choose and buy the medicines you need!

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