Reader Comments on The Vitamin Revolution

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., world-renowned nutritional biochemist, has called the book a “…very well-written and useful contribution on the history and clinical application of vitamin therapy in health care….Dr. Janson has been a recognized clinical leader in nutritional medicine for nearly 20 years. He is one of those special people who lives what he preaches and is an example of what attention to nutrition and vitamin status can do for health and performance….much of his experience has been incorporated into his book, which makes it accessible to tens of thousands of readers…If the proof of the pudding is how one’s health is maintained as they move into their 50’s, then Dr. Janson’s book should provide a useful guide for most health aspirants.”

Alan Gaby, M.D., author, lecturer and Professor at Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine, comments, “Dr Janson’s knowledge and wisdom are an inspiration for us all.”

Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., medical lecturer, book author, and newsletter editor has said: “The Vitamin Revolution in Health Care, by Michael Janson, M.D., accomplishes the near impossible. ln an amazingly thorough (but quick and easy to read) 236 pages, Dr. Janson gives us a comprehensive, yet brief and right-to-the-point review of nearly every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, essential fatty acid, and herbal remedy important to the general reader, while also including introductory concepts, the nutritional revolution in health care, supplement programs for common ailments, a shopping guide, a look at politics (especially the obstructive and destructive role of the Food and Drug Administration), and appendixes listing useful books, periodicals, and organizations.

“The Vitamin Revolution can be read (and understood!) in one afternoon or used in bits and pieces as reference. A perfect book for the very busy reader embarking on a lifetime program of good health.”

David Edelberg, M.D., a Board member of the American Holistic Medical Association, has said of the book-“The Vitamin Revolution is an excellent book…a valuable addition to the field of self care.”

Nancy Zaffaro, Compuserve Natural Medicine Forum Sysop comments,… “Dr. Janson’s writing is terrific; very clear, but not verbose, and always very informative. He shares the information and makes that the focus rather than setting out to impress the readers with how much he knows. In a time where experts too often pose to impress a reader with their credentials rather than inform, that’s impressive. People want good, clear information and advice they can follow, and this book provides that.”

Edward A. Shaw, PhD, Executive Director of the American College for Advancement in Medicine wrote: “…a book for patients and for physicians …superbly organized and well-written. From my layman’s perspective it’s an excellent contribution to the literature.”

Dr. Morton Walker, a nationally-known medical writer, has said of the book, “You’ve packed massive amounts of information into the book-the finest form of authorship. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Frederick Kuhn, Associate Professor, Wentworth Institute of Technology says, “This is a very important book; a necessary book. It could save your life. I have given it to many of my friends and relatives.”

David Schryer, M.A., Research Chemist and Compuserve Natural Medicine Forum Sysop says, “There are a lot of good books on nutrition these days but few that are really outstanding. ‘The Vitamin Revolution in Health Care” is outstanding. Somehow it manages to be thorough and authoritative but also logical and very readable.”

Jerry Williamson, Vice President and Director of Marketing, Odyssey Nutriceuticals writes “This is the best written description of why dietary supplements are a critical component of mainstream health care. The Vitamin Revolution in Health Care is an excellent guide to which vitamins will make a difference in staying healthy and preventing disease.”

From the Foreword by Julian Whitaker, M.D., editor of Health & Healing Newsletter and health book author: “The nutritional therapies that … Dr. Janson writes about … have a strong, in fact, irrefutable basis in science and the medical literature. As Dr. Janson clearly points out, nutrition and nutritional supplements can be used for the very conditions that are currently being treated with large amounts of prescription drugs.